What the Heck is The Pyramid Incident?

Influenced by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Steve Miller Band, Joe Cocker, and Van Halen, the Pyramid Incident provides an immersive experience of sound, light and psychedelic visuals.

The Music

A classic rock-based genre derived from music with soul, style and groove from a diverse range of recognizable influences across the music spectrum.

The Sound

The eight piece band ensemble includes lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, synthesizer, and percussion – creating a rich, in-depth sound experience.

The Visuals

Trippy psychedelic laser-mapped visuals (available when venue has adequate space).

"The Pyramid Incident rocks."

-Darnell Dinkins, Super Champion – New Orleans Saints

The Experience

The Pyramid Incident’s performance and song selections are designed to provide a memorable sonic experience for the audience through music that moves the soul.

  • Psychedelic Sounds of the 70’s
  • Beloved Classic Rock
  • Original music that will capture your imagination
  • An array of synthesizer-based accompaniments
  • Wind Instruments (Horns and Sax) with a rhythmic foundation of precise percussion (acoustic drums & other percussion instruments).

Russ Cersosimo

Lead Vocals/Production

Fast Eddie Bowman

Lead Guitar

Mike Overby


Bobby Dzialowski


Pyramid Incident Logo

Bob DiEmidio


Hannah Cottrill


Megan Paullet


Tony Watson

Keys/Rhythm Guitar