Peace. Love. Music. Pyramid Power.

The best party of 2020. 

Are You Ready for the Best Party of 2020?

Join us for a fabulous night of food, drinks and live music. Proceeds benefit The Will Allen Foundation, The Medical Cannabis Society, and the Land Trust Foundation. 

The Music

A classic rock-based genre derived from music with soul, style and groove from a diverse range of recognizable influences across the music spectrum.

The Sound

The seven-piece band ensemble includes lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, synthesizer, and percussion – creating a rich, in-depth sound experience.

The Visuals

Trippy psychedelic background visuals (available when venue has projection capabilities) + we have $4k in lights and a stage if space allows.

All the cool kids will be there.

The Experience

The Pyramid Incident’s performance and song selections are designed to provide a memorable sonic experience for the audience through music that moves the soul.

  • Psychedelic Sounds of the 70’s
  • Motown Groove from the 60’s & 70’s
  • Beloved Classic Rock
  • Highly Acclaimed Originals that you actually like
  • An array of synthesizer-based accompaniments
  • Wind Instruments (Horns and Sax) with a rhythmic foundation of precise percussion (acoustic drums & other percussion instruments).


Reed and Co


Reed and Co